Oasis by the Sea

Discover the comfort and authentic hospitality for an unforgettable stay

Facilities at a glance


Comfortable and well-furnished lodges with all essentials


On-site parking for the convenience of guests

Sun-kissed Rooftop

Your elevated escape with a stunning viw of Tavolara Island

Outdoor Lounge

Patios, decks, or garden areas for guests to enjoy the outdoors

Barbecue Area

Outdoor grilling area for guests who want to barbecue. Sea-view is amazing.

External showers

Embrace nature’s refreshment by enjoying an outdoor shower.

Laundry Facilities

Access to laundry services or facilities for guests.

Luggage deposit

Ensure a hassle-free stay from arrival to departure.


Internet connectivity for guests who want to stay connected.

Our Breakfast

Start your day the Sardinian way – with a breakfast that’s all about local goodness! Picture waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed Italian coffee and table spread with the best of our island’s flavors, right in front of the sea.


Our Lodges

Our lodges undergo regular renovations and boast comprehensive amenities. Nestled by the sea, they are enveloped in lush greenery. Each lodge offers private access and features a spacious communal outdoor area, perfect for relaxation.


The Villa, unveiling a dream

Nestled in the heart of San Teodoro, Villa Minda stands as a quaint, family-owned guesthouse. Its very essence embodies the dreams of Minda, its namesake and owner, who hails from the Philippines and has called Italy home for over three decades. Together with her husband, they brought their long-held dream to fruition, infusing life into this charming haven.

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